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Meet the team

Gregory Elgunov


Co-Founder and Professional Advisor


  • BSc in Finance at Warwick Business School
  • A-Level: AAAA


With over 3 years in the tutoring sector, Gregory has delivered more than 2000 personalised tutorials. Leveraging his understanding of diverse learning styles, he crafts individualized learning plans to foster educational growth and help students reach their full potential.


A proud graduate of Warwick Business School with a rich background in the finance sector, including pivotal roles at BlackRock Inc and Permira, Gregory Elgunov co-founded our tuition company grounded in a profound passion for education. Leveraging his professional insights and deep-seated intellectual curiosity, Greg is committed to fostering a learning environment that encourages students to become independent, critical thinkers. His collaborative spirit and dedication to nurturing educational excellence make him not just a tutor, but a mentor eager to help each student carve out their pathway to success.

Ekaterina Oblasova


Co-Founder and Lead Educator


  • Pursuing a BSc in Economics at the University of Warwick
  • A-Level: A*A*A*A*


Rich experience through internships at renowned financial institutions including the Royal Bank of Canada, Goldman Sachs, and Evercore. Active engagement in student-led investment initiatives and roles promoting educational and career development opportunities.


A prodigious scholar at the University of Warwick with a Global Excellence Scholarship to her name, Ekaterina Oblasova is not just our tuition company’s Co-Founder and Lead Educator, but an embodiment of dedication and intellect. With a background decorated with high-impact internships and a proactive role in student societies focused on investment and career development, Ekaterina merges robust academic knowledge with real-world insights. She’s passionate about leveraging her experience to foster a nurturing educational environment, where students are inspired to carve out their paths of success with a deep-seated understanding and curiosity for their chosen fields.


Transforming Educational Journeys



  • Name: Sarah (Name changed to maintain confidentiality)
  • Age: 16 years
  • Location: London, UK
  • Subject: GCSE Mathematics



  • Difficulty understanding complex mathematical concepts
  • Low confidence in solving mathematical problems
  • Struggling to keep up with the class pace



To help Sarah improve her understanding of GCSE Mathematics concepts and enhance her problem-solving skills within a span of 6 months.

Case Study 1

The Carlyle Tutors Approach

Step 1: Assessment

  • Initial Consultation: Understanding Sarah’s strengths and weaknesses through a detailed consultation with her and her parents.
  • Diagnostic Test: Conducting a diagnostic test to assess her current knowledge level.

Step 2: Personalised Tutoring Plan

  • Tutor Selection: Assigning a tutor with expertise in GCSE Mathematics and a history of helping students excel.
  • Customised Lesson Plans: Developing lesson plans tailored to Sarah’s learning style and pace.

Step 3: Implementation

  • Regular Sessions: Conducting regular tutoring sessions focusing on concept clarity and problem-solving techniques.
  • Homework Assignments: Assigning homework to reinforce the concepts learned during the sessions.

Step 4: Continuous Feedback

  • Progress Reports: Providing monthly progress reports to Sarah and her parents.
  • Feedback Loop: Creating a feedback loop where Sarah could communicate her concerns and receive guidance.


  • Improved Grades:
    • Before: Grade D in Mathematics
    • After: Improved to a Grade A within 6 months
  • Enhanced Confidence: Sarah reported feeling more confident in approaching mathematical problems and actively participating in class discussions.

Positive Feedback

  • Teacher’s Remarks: Sarah’s school teacher noticed a significant improvement in her understanding and performance.
  • Parent’s Testimonial: Sarah’s parents expressed their gratitude for the transformative educational journey Carlyle Tutors facilitated.


Sarah’s journey with Carlyle Tutors not only helped her excel academically but also built a strong foundation for her future studies. The personalised approach and continuous support empowered her to overcome her challenges and achieve her educational goals.

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